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"Family Album"

Jack Womack and his Astro Jeff
Here's a couple shots of  Brendan Millers Astro Jeff
Jack Hiner and his stretched Astro Jeff @ 171 inches.
Coments from Jack:
It first flew in 1974 and set a World Record Straight Line Distance record with it in 1975. Also won some LSF Level V contests with this model in 1974-75. Got my LSF Level V 2 hour thermal flight and Level V goal and return with this bird in the Spring of 1975. In the Spring of 1975 I only needed the 8 hour slope flight to be the first to make LSF Level V. I got to the 7 hour mark on the slope when I had a rudder servo fail. Dirty pot. It took me until 1980 to get the slope flight and make Level V. In the Fall of 1976 the big bird went during a World Record Altitude attempt. I was at around 5,000 feet when a felow down the road turned on the radio to fly his power model on the same frequency.