Gordon Pearson's Winning Lf 109 Pionyr
The Pionyr is an extremely easy plane to fly. Medium experience to build.  The plans and kit were designed from the full scale plans.  There are only two extant ships left - the above scheme and an all yellow ship with red nose and wing tips. The all yellow ship was recently crashed and repainted with new OK-3908 number and red white checkerboard nose. The full kit has all of the wood needed, including laser cut ribs and formers. All hardware and canopy.

Short Kit includes laser cut ribs and formers, hardware, and canopy.
Full kit: $279.95 plus shipping
Short kit: $149.95 plus shipping
These sites have both full scale and models of the Lf109 as well as other vintage gliders!

Website #1      Website #2      Website #3
Lf 109  Pionyr
Wing Span = 3.4M(132")Area =  1.26 M^2 (1300 "^2)Weight = 4 - 5 kg (10-12 lbs)