Schempp - Hirth Air Brakes
Top: Kit            Middle: Closed              Bottom: Open
Kit of 25 cm "spoiler" with bellcranks and bolts
Opened "spoiler showing control rod
Schempp-Hirth spoilers are hard to find, expensive, AND finicky. Therefore I am offering my version, from my kits, for sale in two forms, RTInstall and the DIY Kit.

The KITS require about 30 minutes of careful assembly. Complete directions will be included in the kit and a building log will appear on this website ASAP.

There is no cap provided for the rail. Some people will need to add only 1/16 ply strip to the rail to be flush with the covering. Others may want to add a spruce strip, capped with 1/64 ply to resemble the covering or paint the cap or add a fabric strip to match.

The third picture show a wire control rod (not included) with a "z" bend at the end inserted into the bellcrank for control. This is the KISS method.   Click here for Building Log

20 cm, 25 cm, 30 cm       $19.95  $24.95
35 cm, 40, cm 45cm         $24.95  $29.95

20 cm-20g/pr25 cm-32g/pr30 cm-40g/pr35 cm-50g/pr40 cm-58g/pr45 cm-65g/pr
The width of all is 1.4 cm  Closed height is 3.0 cmOpened height is 6.5 cm
Carbon sided 35 cm - 45 cm versions